Congrats !! Bill DeHart leads the Lehigh Valley's hottest Blues band and Gar Francis (Bongo Boy Records A&R / Producer)  says that Bill wrote "A Perfect Song" titled ALL MY TIME. The song was recorded by Bill's band Big Bone Daddy and it was accepted by The Recording Academy in LA in Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals on the 1st voting round FYC for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards® Nomination. The song won The Best Love Song by popular votes on LOVE IS Vol. One by Various Artists. The song also featured on Backroom Blues Vol. 5 and won that one too. Today this most talked about song has been officially added to THE 60th FYC album by Various Artists. 

Some info on a new release from Bongo Boy Records:

A&R Director Gar Francis (Bongo Boy Records) brings attention to a brand new song from Big Bone Daddy. The song is written by Bill DeHart and is featured already on Backroom Blues Volume Five (released 6.20.17). ALL MY TIME will be sponsored by Bongo Boy Records and also will be featured on LOVE IS - The Love Songs Album by Various Artists. This song is PERFECT. 
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Big Bone Daddy


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Big Bone Daddy at the Rock The Wall Concert

Big Bone Daddy is a SMOKIN' Rock & Blues band from Eastern PA and Western NJ.  

 We have rocked clubs and festivals from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to North Carolina.  The band members are Bill DeHart, Guitar & Vocals, Paul Berger, Guitar and Vocals, Ric Carhart, Bass and Vocals, Jim Flynn, Drums and Vocals, and Ray Higgins on Harmonica.  These are experienced professional players who know how to bring it to audiences everywhere.

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