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From: The Akademia Radio Division

Dear Big Bone Daddy,

Nearly everyone likes surprises and that includes us. Yesterday, we received a big one.  Quite unexpectedly, Power XR Radio Network recently collated the monthly chart data from the past few months and forwarded the results to us.

We are pleased to inform you that your song ‘
All I Got To Say’ hit the #1 position on the Jazz / Blues charts and held that position for an impressive period of time in the month of February 2017! Chart position was established by number of spins, listener requests and station tune-ins. This accomplishment is a tribute to your talent, hard work and perseverance. We are certain that this is only the beginning of your success.

Live audience impression:

This band is AMAZING! (My sister and I) were out at the Lake Side restaurant/bar (also AMAZING!) And we just happened upon Big Bone Daddy! Incredible group of musicians! Loved their bluesy/groove/heavy style! Easy to move to for sure! They did at least one original number while we were there and that was delicious man! Seriously! I would love to see/hear them again-anytime!  Thanks guys for that incredible /fun time! Hope to see you again soon! !


​M U S I C * R E V I E W  by The Grouch

Hey America!
The other day my friends at Bongo Boy sent me a preview copy of a new double album they are releasing. The name of the album is The 60th FYC Album and features talented Independent Artists were
on the 1st Grammy Awards® ballot and is releasing THE 60th FYC album(cd). Talented, indeed, as I scroll through the roster of names on the track list I see some of my personal favorites.
Big Bone Daddy – All My Time 5:10 – Big Bone Daddy is one of my all time favorite Bongo Boy artists and I am very happy this song is included on this album. You MUST listen to this track. Each time I listen to this track, which is often, I swear it is a cover, but for the life of me I cannot place it. I am reminded of Procol Harum, but I am also reminded of the first music I ever really spent time listening to, that is Motown. Having been raised in Detroit, this was the music that was in the water. Everything out of Detroit has been touched by Motown (Yes, even Nugent lists Motown as a major influence.) and this track would fit right in. I swear this song should have been, (if it wasn’t,) in the movie The Big Chill. Excellent work guys. I am emotionally moved each time I listen to this track.

* Saturday,​​​Big Bone Daddy Gigs

* Thursday, 7/4: TD Bank Stage at the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA from 9:30-11:30.

* Saturday, 7/13: The Sarah Street Grill in Stroudsburg at 930.

* Saturday, 7/27: The Cedar Beach Park in Allentown, PA.

​* Thursday, 8/1: Levitt Pavilion at the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA from 5-6:30.

* Friday, 8/2: The Sarah Street Grill in Stroudsburg at 9:30.

* Sunday, 8/4: Mady's Snow Day at Barley Creek Park in Tannersville, PA at 7:30. 

* Saturday, 9/6: The Sarah Street Grill in Stroudsburg at 9:30.

* Sunday, 9/8: The Fly-in Festival at Braden Air Park in Easton, PA.

​* Saturday, 10/12: 5 to 8 on the HighMark Stage for Octoberfest at the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA.

Booking: Bill DeHart: 570-460-6701

​A review of our worldwide release on Bongo Boy Records Presents – BACKROOM BLUES VOL. 1  by Skope • March 3, 2016
"Big Bone Daddy’s “
All I Got To Say” amplifies the connection between blues and rock. Confident in tone this is the kind of song that demands to be played loud. Impressive chops abound from the vocals to the nimble guitar work to the taut rhythm section.  Large and in charge, Big Bone Daddy’s “Promised Land” has a physicality to it. Sweat and grit pour out of the piece. Filled with heart and soul the song’s hazy heat serves it well."  

From the reviewers at the Mustang Festival:

Next to take the stage was Big Bone Daddy out of PA. They had me at sound check. Their soulful, bluesy feel really got the growing crowd moving their feet and enjoying the party. In addition to some of their original tunes, they threw in some great covers such as the Allman Brother’s “Whipping Post,” with strong vocals, a jamming rhythm section, a lovely organ, and a bad-ass harmonica.


Review by The Grouch | Sweden re.  Backroom Blues Volume Two | Bongo Boy Records - Worldwide Release: May 3, 2016

 "This is why American culture kicks ass all over the world.  The music on this album just oozes cool, not just the "OK-that-was-cool" kind of cool, but the kind of cool that leaves you breathless and wondering what just happened.  Track 9 is called Pretty Baby and comes from one of my favorite groups on Backroom Blues volume one - Big Bone Daddy.  This ultra-simplistic jam is just fun.  Dad’s voice sounds good and his band can make some noise.  The thumping count of the drums is sure to get your head banging.  Musically, the biggest treat is the guitar.  Not the guitar you hear up front that plays the notes of the refrain, listen and you will hear a second guitar track just underneath that is soloing like crazy.  It almost seems like Dad stuck that guitar in just to see if anyone was paying attention.  All in all, this is a really good song..."

Review by Big Bone Daddy’s “Pretty Baby” sounds like a long lost classic. Kept to the essentials the song possesses incredible spirit. A giddy rhythm guides the song forward as the piece grows ever larger.

Released world wide 2/21/17....... 'Big Bone Daddy' has two new tracks on Bongo Boy Records , "Backroom Blues" Vol #4 ... And, as on Vol's I thru 3 'Big Bone Daddy' brings it..... (6) Manic energy flows out of "Got It", the sound is a force of nature as the song barrels down, while the wild arrangement deliver's a multi-layered fantastic feeling to it.... ... (10)  Big Bone Daddy's bad-ass energy resides on the slow-pace of "Down Low". This downright decadent tune deserves to be blasted at the highest possible volumes. Rhythms are as emotional as they are time-keeping. 'Big Bone Daddy' is tight and deliver's a fully deliberate performance..... .... ....

Review Hej from Sweden BACKROOM BLUES VOL. 1 :
Big Bone Daddy follows up with another rocking track, (“All I Got To Say”) that compels the listener to feel the vibe.  What can I say about this track other than the band is rock solid, the singer has a prototypical voice for bad ass blues and the guitar player can do some magic with his axe.  Although the style is vastly different, I get the same feeling listening to this man that I got when I first heard Jeff Beck.  The riffs are subtle yet incredibly powerful.  Well done, Sir, well done.  ​Track six (“Promised Land” ) is another offering from Big Bone Daddy.  Dad doesn’t disappoint.  You really have to listen to these guys.  They come off like some laid back old souls who can just rip it up the and grin sardonically while mesmerizing the crowd.   Did I mention that their guitar player rocks?  

By Bryon William - Indie Spoonful.   
Big Bone Daddy'sAll My Time” on Bongo Boy Records 'Backroom Blues Volume Five' captures from the start with a heartfelt ballad reminiscent of roots rocker Bob Seger or even Procol Harum’s  “Whiter shade of Pale.” This song has universal appeal with just the right amount instrumentation, never over-doing it. Big Bone Daddy impresses with their artistic sensibilities.“All My Time” hits all the right marks turning out a classic blues-rock love song that will turn red hearts blue and leave you crying for more.

"We wanted to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Blues Album for ‘One For The Road’ in the March 2016 Akademia Music Awards! "


By blog  Posted by: NikkiLeigh  August 16, 2016 in Album Reviews, Blues, Music, Music Genres, Reviews music
"Since the first time I heard Big Bone Daddy as a guest on The Ray Powers Hour radio show, I’ve been a big fan, and they have two songs on this CD: “All I Got to Say” and “Promised Land.” I’m definitely a fan of the vocals and the driving beat. The good news is that Big Bone Daddy is also on the other Backroom Blues albums – but more about those in upcoming reviews. Definitely check them out. You won’t be disappointed – and definitely pay attention to their guitar player!"